It was late 1912 when Highland Park Pharmacy was established. Dallas historians tell us the exact date is unknown, but it must have been in the fall of 1912, because it was listed in the 1913 city directory (the information for which was gathered in the late 1912).

Highland Park Pharmacy`s first location was at the northeast corner of Knox and Travis 3302 Knox Street, just diagonal from its location now, along with Highland Park Grocery. Knox Street then was just a dirt roadway, and it was the site for Dallas` first shopping center. A trolley car named "Dinkie" ran from Knox Street to SMU. Much of today`s sprawling city was planted in Cotton.

The original staff began in the very early years. H.S. Forman was the owner, R. E. (Phil) Wheelis began in 1917, Lillie Mae Maple (bookkeeper and Forman`s niece) began in 1919, Charlie Day the famous soda jerk began in 1923. Tom Wheelis "Shorty" (Phil`s brother) began in 1917. And delivery man Cuney W. Hayes began in 1931.

Jack Patton, newspaper cartoonist (Spence Easley/ Restless Age during the 1920`s) used our soda jerk Tom Wheelis "Shorty" as a model for his comic strip character "Jellybean".

In 1923 the pharmacy`s present building went up along with several other structures. Highland Park Pharmacy was the first drive in, in Dallas. Carhops provided curbside service to hungry customers in North Dallas in the 1920s. The drive in phenomenon became a craze after World War II.

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