Late 1940s just before the lunch rush.

It was around 1940 when four lifelong employees purchased Highland Park Pharmacy. R. E. (Phil) Wheelis was President, Charlie Day was Vice President and Soda Jerk, F.F. Bell was Vice President and Pharmacist, and Lillie May Maple, bookkeeper and secretary.

The year of 1942 marked 30 years in business for Highland Park Pharmacy. In the late 1940s (top left photo) Liberty magazine can be seen on the newsstand for 10 cents and the sign says that a chicken salad sandwich with a Coke was only 25 cents.

The Highland Park Pharmacy was a key factor in Knox Street neighborhood social life and everyone in the area knew what the location was when you said, "meet me at the drug store".

There was a celebration of Forty years in business during the year of 1952. Future senior soda jerk Sarah Rogers was hired on March 10, 1957. Charlie Day and Tommie "Shorty" Wheelis were the top soda jerks. At that time a grilled cheese with a pile of pickles on the side with a coke was 30 cents.

In 1962 Highland Park Pharmacy celebrated 50 years in business.

1956 Charlie Day and "Shorty" Wheelis

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