In 1962 Highland Park Pharmacy celebrated its Fiftieth year in business. Its founder, H.S. Forman passed away the first day of January 1963. The citizens of Knox take pride in their neighborhood businesses. It is "a small town in a big city" and Highland Park Pharmacy was still the place to be.

Diane Wisdom, the daughter of R. E. Wheelis (President) became a well know singer who toured with Frank Sinatra. Diane went to Highland Park High School and won a talent show while attending SMU.

The year of 1972 marked Sixty years in business for the Pharmacy. Thell Bowlin purchased Highland Park Pharmacy in 1974, two years later in 1976 Charlie Day retires and has a three day going away party! Charlie is known for his famous chicken salad and cherry coke. During 1982 Highland Park Pharmacy celebrated Seventy years in business.

1976-77 Charlie Day and Shelia Reno.
Shelia still works at HPSF !

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