In the late 80`s and 90`s Sarah Rogers was still the Senior Soda Jerk. She reminded everyone of the character Flo from the 70`s sitcom Alice who always said "Kiss my grits!" The year of 1992 marks 80 years in business for Highland Park Pharmacy.

The year of 2002 notes 90 years of Soda Fountain fun. In July 2006 Highland Park Pharmacy was purchased by Sonny and Gretchen Minyard Williams, of grocery store fame. Mr. Williams has been a customer since childhood, said manager Mary Mora.

Over the next several years, Highland Park Pharmacy was featured in several well known magazines. Paula Deen did a feature article called "Shake it Up!" highlighting Highland Park Pharmacy`s famous grilled cheese sandwich.

In 2010 Highland Park Pharmacy removes the pharmacy from the business causing a name change that was mandatory by the state. The new name was chosen to be Highland Park Soda Fountain.

It is 2012 & Highland Park Soda Fountain Celebrates 100 years!

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