Fun Soda Fountain Facts

Soda Fountain
The soda fountain was an attempt to replicate mineral waters that bubbled up from the earth. Many civilizations believed that drinking these mineral waters could cure diseases. In 1807 the first patent was received for a method of impregnating water with carbon dioxide. This was commonly called soda water, although it contained no soda. It was the marriage between the drugstore and the soda fountain of the early 1900`s that gave birth to the American soda fountain.
Soda Jerk
A young man who worked the soda fountain in a drugstore. The name came not from his attitude but from the jerking action used on the soda fountain handle when adding the soda water.
Soda Jerk Slang
"Dobbin" = barbecue
"Waco" = Dr. Pepper
"Mince" = ham salad
"Palm Beach" = pimento cheese
"Turkey" = turkey
"American" = grilled cheese
"American on a bicycle" = grilled cheese to go
"Shoot one" = Coke
"Stretch one" = Large Coke
"Shoot a wild one" = Cherry Coke
"Shoot on frowning" = Lime Coke
"Shanghi" = Iced Tea
"Squeezed One" = Lemonade
"Draw One" = Coffee
"Vanilla Dust" = malt
"Shoot one yellow" = Lemon coke
"Shoot on Blond" = Vanilla Coke
"Choc in" = Sauce in Chocolate Soda
"Black on White" = Chocolate Soda with Vanilla Ice Cream.

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